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khur coin (خور کوین)

2021-04-27 19:52:06

این توکن جهت تبادل مالی بین سرمایه گذاران سایت می باشد که با هدف واسطه گری و هلدینگ مالی و ریز ساخت یک صرافی ایمن ایرانی با پشتوانه ذخیره بانکی و سپرده طلا و شرایط دیج یتال معتبر نظریه بیت کوین در حال فعالیت است This code is for financial exchange between investors of the site, which works with the aim of intermediation and financial maintenance and micro construction of a secure Iranian exchange with the support of bank reserves and gold deposits and valid digital conditions of Bitcoin.


Persepolis Fans Token

2021-04-27 18:02:02

توکن هواداری تیم بزرگ پرسپولیس


Music and Video Token

2021-04-23 20:46:43

Video is Hard, We Make It Easy The MAVTNetwork is an API first, decentralized video infrastructure designed for engineers to create cost effective video streaming, livestreaming Robust video infrastructure with just a few lines of code. MAVT Network is decentralized video infrastructure that provides a simple API to easily stream videos to any device.



2021-04-16 03:16:19

Everything is Nothing with a twist



2021-04-11 05:36:31

The uranium token is based on coinex, the purpose of creating this token is to remind the value of this green gold to the majority of men in the world. What the world today is fighting for more and what people are destroying over this innocent war. It may be possible to realize the true value of this green gold by putting its name in front of everyone's eyes, and the day will come when the world will stand together on the same issue and not against each other. Reminds the world of the true value of uranium.


Dozari token

2021-04-10 00:47:49

users can used dozari token to invest in or trade other token assets. More privileges on the way Aside from circulating within cosystem, dozari token plans to extend the usage and applications to scenarios such as payments etc.



2021-04-08 23:47:37

This Persian Token Is a first official token of You can find more about in


Hand art

2021-04-06 03:03:40

This sign belongs to the field of oil painting and bronze sculpture. For in-app exchanges to convert Rials to digital currencies in the near future, this code is used for specialized training for money exchange users.


persian coinex

2021-03-22 07:00:49

این توکن متعلق به سفیر رسمی آموزش صرافی کوینکس هست و جهت مبادله درون برنامه ای برای تبدیل ریال به ارزهای دیجیتال در آینده نزدیک می باشد . همچنین برای اریه آموزش های تخصصی به کاربران جهت تبادل وجه از توکن پرس استفاده خواهد شد.



2021-03-19 06:05:42

داریک نام واحد پول ایرانیان باستان بوده اکنون توکن داریک که توکن اختصاصی مجموعه مارتیا آنلاین و ام کوینو می باشد منتشر میشود


CoinEx Signals Token

2021-03-14 21:26:38

This token is for using @CoinExSignals features on instagram. 1 week = 1 CS6 | Persian Token =) Thanks for your supports... For CET donation use: coinex1gmg3vj55aspyfhn0qgyd6g2k8y6aee3yggk0js Your donations will be used as gas for our project. ;)



2021-03-08 07:43:41

ASA is based on coinex, in generally ASA is an optimizing public life for all people around the world especially Eurasia, Middle East and Africa. Ultimately, this could be a payment system for the welfare of the people in the economic, social and cultural spheres. In fact a platform as a gateway for better communication between all scientists who want to better present their knowledge to the people of the world and a peer-to-peer financially secure gateway for all those taking projects abroad. The Asa token is built on the Coinex platform so that the transfer fee is very low and close to zero.


Avocado Finance

2021-02-15 08:27:43

Teacher Forex School shares

2021-01-16 16:40:31

At Teacher Forex School,we train individual to trade financial market and cryptocurrency market. We also share trading ideas for both cryptocurrencies market and forex market. The TFSshares token will be used to distribute dividends earned from our website as well as from the trading of the accounts that teacher forex school owns. The more shares you own the more dividend you will receive



2020-11-03 16:20:35




2020-10-05 15:14:41

Trump lose Token if Trump does not win 2020 election, each TRUMPLOSE token can be redeemed as 1 CET token



2020-10-05 15:13:00

Trump Win Token if Trump wins 2020 election, each TRUMPWIN token can be redeemed as 1 CET token



2020-10-04 01:06:28

A community-governed, Token where the holder serves decentralized identity over the blockchain. Holders will be responsible for any major change inside the token ecosystem.


Crypto Shares Token

2020-10-01 12:23:09

Make Your Bright Future



2020-09-25 16:03:28

Blockchain is still considered a new and potential technology. STO fundraising with security tokens associated with this technology is also very new. One of the world's most popular online investment platforms. Capture your opportunities to invest in a wide variety of assets using top-notch analysis tools and tools. We are proud to bring Boprofit platform to meet the requirements of the business.


Crazy Rich Asian

2020-09-21 22:25:12


2020-09-09 11:39:55


2020-08-28 17:02:13

China Yuan Token

2020-08-25 14:43:42

作为等值 人民币的稳定货币发行

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